Fox Reveals First Official Look At Gotham’s Batman With New Poster


With Batman himself set to feature in Gotham‘s upcoming series finale, it was really only a matter of time before a photo of his costume hit the web. The big question, however, was whether Fox would beat everyone else to the punch by dropping the image themselves, or if the reverse would hold true and something would leak.

Well, as fate would have it, the latter happened as we saw a glimpse of the iconic hero’s duds earlier this month. Fortunately, though, the network has now stepped in to give us clearer look at the costume via a rather epic poster for the aforementioned series finale.

Seen below, it only shows us the back of the Bat but it’s enough to give us an idea of what the show’s version of the famous costume will look like. The poster also comes equipped with the tagline “The Dark Knight Is Upon Us,” teasing the Caped Crusader’s arrival next month.

If you’re wondering how much we’ll actually see of Batman, well, know that producer John Stephens recently laid out how Gotham‘s finale is structured, promising us that it won’t only be in the last scene that we get to lay eyes on the Dark Knight.

“He’s in the episode. He’s not just in a last scene. The last episode is one scene in the timeline of the rest of the season, and then the rest of the episode is in the future. It almost feels in a weird way like another pilot.”

That statement also lines up with what frequent guest star Cameron Monaghan told us a while back, when he said the following:

“I will say we’ve been given certain liberties in this final season that we haven’t been given before that’s going to make itself pretty apparent as you watch it. All I’ll say is when you have an episode that’s a full-on Batman episode running around in the future, you’re going to have characters that you’ll expect to see. I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say at this point that it’s 10 years in the future — that’s been talked about openly by the producers and showrunners – I don’t want to say exactly what my role in that is, but it was kick ass. It’s one of the coolest opportunities I’ve ever had.”

So, it seems we’ll be getting a healthy dose of the Bat then, and you can look forward to him making his big debut when Gotham airs its series finale next month, on April 25th.