Frank’s On The Warpath In Explosive Trailer For The Punisher Season 2


The most recent trailer for season 2 of The Punisher teased the rivalry growing between Frank Castle and Billy Russo, and in this latest preview, that continues to be the case, with the two old friends looking like they’re headed down a dark path. One which will no doubt culminate in an explosive end.

Naturally, this next set of episodes will see the return of Jon Bernthal as the titular antihero, and with the famed vigilante back in the game, showrunner Steve Lightfoot has already promised us that this next run is “about Frank really adopting the mantle of The Punisher.”

Speaking of characters embracing their comic book personas, Billy Russo has seemingly made the transition to Jigsaw in the upcoming season, donning a new mask to hide his many scars, and it looks like he’s got nothing on his mind but revenge for what Frank did to him.

From the look of things though, Billy won’t be the only one to bear a grudge against The Punisher. “We have a mutual acquaintance,” says John Pilgrim in the latest preview, suggesting an alliance of sorts between Jigsaw and this new villain that actor Josh Stewart has described as “a man who is a Christian Fundamentalist who had a rage, a violent side of him.” Of course, the trailer has a pretty violent side itself, offering various teases of the bloody scenes to come, all set to the tune of “Would?” by Alice in Chains.

“I’m not the one who dies, kid,” Frank ominously declares. “I’m the one who does the killing.” There’s a good chance that those words will become unintentionally ironic if predictions of an impending cancellation turn out to be true, but if this is indeed the last hurrah for The Punisher, here’s hoping the antihero can at least go out in style when the new season premieres on January 18th.