AMC Drops Gripping Full Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 9


It’s finally here.

Following up on yesterday’s nail-biting teaser, AMC has premiered the first full trailer for The Walking Dead season 9, and it’s every bit as tense and engrossing as we had come to expect.

We also get a better read on the show’s time jump, and how our survivors wind up in the bombed-out Washington D.C., which has clearly felt the full effects of the zombie apocalypse. The 16-episode ninth season is shaping up to be Rick’s last hurrah – ditto for Lauren Cohan – so this footage is somewhat bittersweet, not least because we’re also about to see the return of Jon Bernthal’s Shane Walsh, who shot to fame as Rick’s partner all throughout season 1.

For season 9, though, this first-look footage brings the curtain down with a sneak peek at the new threat that awaits Rick and his ragtag group. Buckle up, folks, it’s going to be a memorable season – for better or worse.

Casting-wise, both Eleanor Matsuura and Dan Fogler (Fantastic Beasts) have been added to The Walking Dead in anticipation of season 9, though details of their respective roles remain under wraps. The former has been tipped to portray crossbow-wielding badass Yumiko, which, if true, would certainly tee up a fascinating double act with Michonne.

On the other side of the lens, newfound showrunner Angela Kang recently outlined where The Walking Dead season 9 kicks off now that Carl Grimes is out of the picture and Negan is behind bars.

There are several things we’re dealing with story-wise. One of the major themes we’ve been talking about is what it means to have a civilization. What are the ways in which different communities develop different philosophies about governing and about dealing with other people? What are the things that we owe to each other as human beings? That’s one of the major thematic things that we’re playing with this season.

It’ll herald Rick and Maggie’s final chapter and a bold new era for the series, overall, so it’s small wonder why The Walking Dead season 9 has been hailed as a can’t miss outing.