Furious ‘Ms. Marvel’ fans think Disney Plus is Kamala’s real nemesis

Ms. Marvel
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Though this week’s third episode might’ve revealed that the show’s main villains are the mysterious Clandestines, Ms. Marvel fans are convinced that Disney Plus is Kamala Khan’s real nemesis. Despite receiving a lot of goodwill from the MCU community, the Iman Vellani-fronted production has unfortunately seen the weakest viewing figures for any Marvel streaming series to date. And folks think it’s all Disney’s fault.

As one viral tweet pointed out, Ms. Marvel has been essentially set up for a fall as the Mouse House inexplicably decided to release it alongside the much-hyped Star Wars show Obi-Wan Kenobi. Episode three, for instance, not only had to compete for streamers’ attention with the Kenobi finale but also was pitted against another Marvel product, as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness made its big debut on the platform.

As Twitter user @TheQuiver_ declared, “The release schedule of Ms. Marvel is atrocious. The first 3 episodes were not only competing with Obi-Wan every week, but also Episode 3 coincides with Obi-Wan’s finale AND Doctor Strange 2 dropping on [Disney Plus]. Like no wonder the viewership is lower than the other Marvel series.”

Fans had many ideas for how Disney could’ve juggled both Ms. Marvel and Obi-Wan better. For instance, by moving one to Fridays.

They even started doing that but randomly ditched the idea!

The way Ms. Marvel has been treated is giving us major Shang-Chi vibes.

They should’ve stuck with Obi-Wan‘s initial May 4th premiere date.

Or maybe even held Ms. Marvel off until after Kenobi was over.

The slapdash scheduling is extra hard to swallow as Ms. Marvel is sooo good.

Hot take alert: Ms. Marvel is better than both Obi-Wan and Doctor Strange 2.

While it’s not fair how the series has been handled to date, to look on the bright side, the second half of the show will have a clearer path to hook viewers over the next few weeks. Ms. Marvel episode four premieres on Disney Plus next Wednesday, June 29.

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