Game Of Thrones Will Be The First Television Series To Be Shown In IMAX Theaters


Given the quality of content on the small screen over the past few years, it’s no wonder that many consider this to be a golden age for television. But few (if any) television shows boast the epic, politically-charged scope of HBO’s award-winning Game of Thrones. And in order to take the scope to the next level, the network has announced a partnership with IMAX Entertainment that will not only see two episodes from Season Four screened in the format, but also the full-length trailer for the hotly-anticipated Season Five.

Running for one week across 150 select theaters in the States, fans of Westeros will be able to see the adventures of R.R. Martin play out on the biggest screen they can find beginning January 23.

In a statement, HBO’s chief marketing officer, Pamela Levine, said that revamping the two episodes was a no-brainer — The Watchers on the Wall and The Children, to be specific — as Game of Thrones and the IMAX format make the perfect match.

“The cinematic brilliance and grand scope of the series is perfect for the IMAX format. We are always looking to provide fans with new and exciting ways to experience the show and viewing two key episodes, along with the new trailer, on such an impressive platform makes for a great event.”

Those of you who have already seen The Watchers on the Wall will know well and good that the penultimate episode of Season Four is a perfect candidate for the silver screen. Taking place entirely in and around Castle Black and the mammoth frozen defence, the episode is filled with cinematic moments from the get-go as the Night’s Watch are forced to batten down the hatches and bear the brunt of an onslaught of wildings and giants. It’s a phenomenal slice of television, and one that will only benefit from getting the blockbuster IMAX treatment.

Game of Thrones is poised to have its season five premiere on Sunday, April 5.

Source: IMAX

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