Game Of Thrones Creators In Hiding Until After Series Finale Airs

Game of Thrones

As sad as it may be, the truth is undeniable. The eighth and final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones has been full of disappointing moments and shocking (not in a good way) surprises, but after all these years of death and destruction, the ever-popular high fantasy show is now at its end. The final episode airs in just a few hours, and longtime viewers and new fans alike will finally get to see who winds up on the iron throne. But given how underwhelming this season has been so far, not everyone’s looking forward to tonight’s big finale.

Overall, it’s felt like the writers have rushed this latest batch of episodes, with seven runs of brilliant character development squashed. And of course, we can’t forget how Jon treated his direwolf, Ghost. We won’t be getting over that any time soon. And with showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff already warning us that the finale won’t please everyone, it’s understandable that the pair are bracing for some backlash.

In fact, while speaking with EW, they said that when the episode airs, they’ll be totally off the grid, with their phones shut off.

“We’ll [be] in an undisclosed location, turning off our phones and opening various bottles,” said Weiss. “At some point, if and when it’s safe to come out again, somebody like [HBO’s GoT publicist Mara Mikialian] will give us a breakdown of what was out there without us having to actually experience it.

“I plan to be very drunk and very far from the internet,” added Benioff .

That all sounds like a good idea, as like we mentioned above, the fan backlash has been harsh lately, with a petition calling for HBO to remake the season without the involvement of Benioff and Weiss amassing over 1 million signatures. Of course, it’s doubtful that it’ll actually persuade the network to do anything, but we certainly hope that the Game of Thrones series finale will rectify many of the missteps from previous outings when it airs later tonight.

The only question that remains, is, will you be tuning in to see how it all ends? Or have you had enough of the lazy writing at this point? Sound off below and let us know.