Game Of Thrones Preview Teases Another Love Scene For Arya


Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones was a big one. Not only in scope and scale – and presumably budget, too – but also in terms of buzz. After all, it managed to break the record for most tweeted-about episode in television history. And among the many moments that had fans giddy with excitement was Arya’s final blow to the Night King.

Yes, Sunday night saw the young Stark girl take out the villain with a Valyrian Steel dagger to the gut. It was unexpected, thrilling and undoubtedly epic, but what comes next for the fan favorite character? Well, if the promo above is any indication, it looks like she’s going to find a little time for some loving.

Granted, she can’t exactly kick back now and start relaxing, but it does seem as if Arya will at least get the chance to catch her breath, as the aforementioned preview shows her getting it on with her new lover Gendry (at around the 0:18 mark). For the second time this season, no less.

Yes, after the pair’s first sex scene damn near broke the internet the other week, it looks like they’re back together and while it’s unknown if their next little rendezvous will be as steamy as their last one, fans are already excited to see the couple sharing another intimate moment with one another. Especially now that Arya’s got that huge kill during the Battle of Winterfell under her belt.

As for what else lies ahead for Maisie Williams’ character? Well, we can’t say for sure just yet, but she’s really turned into the MVP of the season after last night and as Game of Thrones continues to barrel down on its sure to be epic finale, we can’t wait to see where Arya will end up when all is said and done.