Game Of Thrones Star Admits She Hasn’t Seen The Final Season Yet


Now that Game of Thrones has come and gone, and the spoiler ban has well and truly lifted, you would think the vast majority of people have already seen season 8 in all its fiery glory – if not the fans, then certainly the cast and crew. But it seems that’s not the case.

In fact, while appearing on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch program this past weekend, Yara Greyjoy herself, Gemma Whelan, held her hands up to admit that she hasn’t yet seen the final season. And that’s despite the fact that she already knows how it ends – Jon stabbing Dany; Drogon melting the Iron Throne; Bran the Broken seizing control of the seven six kingdoms… the whole shebang.

Said Whelan:

I haven’t watched the end yet, no. I do know what happens. I came home and my husband was watching it and I saw the final bit but I haven’t seen most of the series yet, because we didn’t have internet in our house.

Whelan was quick to remind the Sunday Brunch hosts that she remains a huge fan of the HBO series – if anything, a lack of spare time has prevented the actress from watching the Game of Thrones finale from start to finish. Nevertheless, Whelan is hugely thankful to her Thrones family for what she describes as the opportunity of a lifetime. And it’s one she isn’t likely to forget in a hurry.

It was such a fun thing to do. It’s hard to quantify – having that on your CV definitely changes things, but in terms of actually that being a tangible thing in your life, it’s hard to know. But of course, it really does help.

Much like her fellow co-stars, Gemma Whelan is now easing into a post-Game of Thrones life, beginning with Gentleman Jack and Emma, an adaptation of the famous Jane Austen novel. The latter project is now in post ahead of an expected release later this year.

Source: Channel 4