Gargoyles Confirmed For Disney Plus Launch


There’s so much to look forward to on the upcoming Disney Plus streaming service that it’s hard to even begin deciding what to watch first. One of the most anticipated additions to the platform though will be the acclaimed television show Gargoyles, as all 78 half-hour episodes of the beloved animated series will be featured for fans to enjoy.

The show revolves around a species of nocturnal beasts known as gargoyles that turn to stone during the day. In the year 994, a group of them live in a castle in Scotland. Most are betrayed and killed by humans, while the rest are magically cursed to sleep until the castle “rises above the clouds.”

One thousand years later, billionaire David Xanatos purchases the aforementioned castle and has it reconstructed atop his New York City skyscraper. This act inadvertently awakens the gargoyles, who struggle to adjust to the new world around them. They befriend a sympathetic female police officer named Elisa Maza as they deal with various supernatural and modern threats that endanger both their lives and the world as a whole.

Gargoyles is often lauded for its dark tone, complex story arcs and melodrama. Unlike many other animated Disney series at the time, character arcs and Shakespearean themes were prevalent throughout its run. Though the show only ran for three years, its success inspired a video game adaptation and several comic book series.

If Disney Plus subscribers find that they like the show as much as viewers did back in the nineties, then it’s possible that the streaming service could order a reboot. Primary cast member Keith David has already expressed his desire to return as Goliath and it’s likely that most of his former co-stars feel the same.

Disney Plus is set to launch on November 12th so get ready to binge watch all of Gargoyles and start lobbying the platform for even more episodes.