George Lucas Reportedly Training The Mandalorian Directors On How To Shoot Star Wars

Image via Walt Disney / Lucasfilm

If George Lucas really wanted to remain heavily involved in Star Wars, then he wouldn’t have sold up to Disney in 2012 and made himself $4 billion richer, but every time something goes wrong in a galaxy far, far away, which has been pretty often during the Mouse House’s time at the helm, the bearded plaid enthusiast is always rumored to be the white knight riding to the rescue.

Recent rumors have even claimed that an entire Lucas Cut of The Rise of Skywalker exists that’s said to be far superior to the version that landed in theaters and split fans down the middle, along with speculation that the franchise’s creator could be set to make a comeback that would alter the big screen timeline in a huge way.

Of course, these rumors should be taken with a hefty helping of salt, and not just because they all come from a guy who calls himself Doomcock. The supposed insider has now dropped another potential Star Wars bombshell though and from the outside looking in, this one doesn’t seem too likely.

As per the report, the entire production team for The Mandalorian will be relocating to a disused Air Force base and essentially isolating themselves to shoot the second and third seasons simultaneously. However, what’s strange about this is that Jon Favreau has confirmed that season 2 was in the can before the Coronavirus pandemic hit and the cutting-edge Stagecraft technology that they use already negates both large crews and exterior locations.

Buried in the report, however, is a claim that George Lucas has been training the show’s directors on how to make Star Wars look like Star Wars so the series has a sense of visual and tonal consistency. Which is ironic because Lucas is hardly renowned for his prowess as a director, with his flat and uninspired camerawork one of the many disappointing aspects of the Prequel Trilogy, and A New Hope is the only entry in the franchise that he directed that was anything more than workmanlike from a technical perspective.

Not only that, but The Mandalorian has roped in some serious heavy hitters to direct episodes in season 2 including Robert Rodriguez, Peyton Reed and Favreau himself, who all have plenty of experience when it comes to effects-heavy productions. Lucas might be found on set more often than he used to in an advisory capacity, but there’s little chance he’s taking an active role despite what this rumor says.