Ghostbusters TV Show Rumored For Streaming, But Do We Really Want It?

bill murray ghostbusters

Once upon a time, production company Ghost Corps was tasked with overseeing an entire slate of Ghostbusters projects, precisely none of which made it much further than the development stage. Undeterred, the cycle begins anew when Jason Reitman’s Afterlife comes to theaters next weekend.

The filmmaker has already admitted that he’d love to see a variety of filmmakers tackling a number of spinoffs all set in different genres, which is a sound way of expanding the mythology in theory. However, Giant Freakin Robot are claiming that an episodic series is in the works with an eye to being sold off to a streaming, but is that the best way to expand the universe?

Of course, we should point out that we’ve heard this exact same spiel before from other purported ‘insiders’ and it hasn’t come to anything, but we digress. On the small screen, Ghostbusters has always thrived in animation, whether it be The Real Ghostbusters or Extreme Ghostbusters, although the planned Ecto Force was shelved when Ghost Corps struggled to get anything made.

Sure, fans of the franchise would find themselves excited at the prospect of a Ghostbusters TV show with a decent-sized budget at first, but looking at the polarizing response to Paul Feig’s reboot, if it didn’t turn out exactly the way they wanted it then social media would be bombarded with furious responses and venomous backlash.

Not every property needs to be expanded into series form in the age of streaming, and we’d argue that Ghostbusters is much better off the way it is.