Giancarlo Esposito teases potential Gus Fring spinoff series


The Better Call Saul television show is set to end this summer, franchise creator Vince Gilligan has teased he is working on something very different, but, for Giancarlo Esposito, there could be more for him and his character Gustavo Fring.

The last days [on set of Better Call Saul], I’m tearing up and looking over my shoulder and I hear Vince [Gilligan] say, ‘you never know.’ So, I’ve always wanted, and felt like, there’s room for material for the rise of Gus. I feel like it’d be interesting to know where he came from.

The multiple-Emmy-nominated actor made the comments about his character when speaking to Insider for an article published Friday. In Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul it is implied his character took part in the regime of Augusto Pinochet in Chile before having to flee and take on a new identity. Esposito elaborated on this and said if ever he revisited the character he would like to see this played out while exploring his ultimate desire for personal independence.

“I feel like he came from a really wealthy family, had the opportunity to run, not only the family, but government in another country. He had that kind of brain, that charisma, that stature, and he traded it in because he wanted to be his own man. There’s something fascinating to me about that.”

The final season of Better Call Saul and Esposito’s final turn as Gustavo Fring (for now) begins April 18. It will pause after May 23 before returning in July and will ultimately come to its final end August 15.

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