The Gifted Casts Jermaine Rivers As Shatter


When you consider how vast the X-Men universe truly is, it’s actually downright baffling why it hasn’t been fleshed out on television aside from several stellar animated series. Fortunately, that’s recently started to change thanks to the highly acclaimed Legion and The Gifted, the latter of which will kickoff this fall.

What makes this particular show so interesting is that it’ll focus on mutants that the mainstream aren’t normally used to seeing. Well, there’s Blink, whom some of you may know from Days of Future Past, but there’s also Polaris, who’s long overdue for her live action debut.

The latest addition to the cast comes in the form of Jermaine Rivers (MacGyver), who’s been tapped to play none other than Shatter. Originally created by Geoff Johns (yes, he did work for Marvel earlier in his comic book writing career), the character first appeared in the Morlocks series. Featuring diamond-hard skin, a cracked depression on the side of his face remains a constant reminder of his suicide attempt.

Said casting news surfaced via IMDb, which was later confirmed by the actor’s Instagram page. Stating “the cat is officially out the bag,” Rivers and whomever may be helping out with his social media accounts found no reason to keep this a secret any longer, thus expressing his excitement at joining the family as it were.

Featuring a pilot helmed by four-time X-Men director Bryan Singer, The Gifted is set to premiere on Monday, October 2 on Fox, and is one of many upcoming comic book TV series that you don’t want to take your eye off of.