Gina Carano Compares Herself To Joaquin Pheonix’s Joker In New Post

Ex-Mandalorian star Gina Carano just can’t seem to keep herself out of the news. After offering support for In-And-Out’s refusal to follow public health laws, and getting close to being banned for sharing anti-vax views on Twitter, she’s now trying to compare herself to Joaquin Pheonix’s Joker is a new Tweet.

Joker has sparked plenty of controversy on its own in the past with everything from discourse surrounding incels to issues with the amount of violence in the film. Now it seems that Carano wants to be added into the mix.

In the Tweet, Carano seems to compare herself to the Joker who slowly descends into madness as he takes issues with how society has treated him within the movie. Many users have been sharing their reactions to the Tweet ranging from finding it hilarious to showing their support for her sentiments.

Currently, Gina Carano is filming Terror On The Prairie which has no release date yet.