The Mandalorian Star Passed Out Twice While Filming Baby Yoda Force Scene


You guys saw The Mandalorian finale, right? Crazy shenanigans. Filming it was apparently real tough for Gina Carano, too, who had a heck of a time faking choking to death.

Posting on Twitter to answer a fan who had asked what it was like being Baby Yoda’s first (that we know of) force choke victim, the actress who plays Cara Dune on the hit Disney Plus show revealed the dark side of filming, albeit in a light way, saying:

Crazy, right? I knew she was pretty dedicated to the physical aspect of acting, per her part in Haywire back at the start of last decade, but gosh dang, that’s real dedication. It’s not the first time there’s been accidental choking on a big production, either.

Michael J. Fox almost actually got hung for real on the set of Back to the Future Part III to the point where they had to revive him afterwards. They just thought he was acting really well. Whoops. Seems like Gina was reaching for that status.

The real question I have right now though is this: does Baby Yoda being a big, bad force user scare me? No, because he can also heal wounds with his cute lil’ claw hand things. He’s the balance of the force in one adorable package.

I still haven’t heard from Disney or Lucasfilm or Jon Favreau about my Baby Yoda toys yet, either, so I’m also hoping that 2020 brings me joy in the form of a furry green plushie. I know a toy won’t choke me and that I cannot eat a stuffed animal. So for now, I’m safe. Also, since The Mandalorian is over for the time being and we need to wait a while for season 2, how else are we going to pass the time outside of Baby Yoda toys? You know I’m right.