Jon Favreau Confirms The Mandalorian Season 2 For Fall 2020


Great news, Star Wars fans! The second season of the smash hit TV show The Mandalorian will officially be making its debut on Disney+ in the fall of 2020. This announcement comes from director Jon Favreau’s Twitter account, much to the joy of viewers across the globe.

The breakout series has thus far been a huge success for the new streaming service and is all anyone can talk about, due in no small part to the public’s obsession with Baby Yoda. But obviously, there’s a lot more to like about the show than just its biggest breakout character, and though details on season 2 are still scarce, knowing that it’ll be here in fall 2020 is hugely exciting.

Of course, Disney looks to be cashing in on the series as much as they can right now, with Baby Yoda merchandise and several planned spinoffs already in the works. While some feared that the public had finally grown tired of Star Wars, The Mandalorian seems to have put that theory to bed. In fact, it now seems like the beloved franchise is more popular than it’s been in a while. At least, on the small screen.

Though no one knows for sure yet what season 2 will bring us, there are already a few reports that definitely leave us feeling hopeful. It’s possible that we might see even more Yodas going forward, along with a surprise appearance from Boba Fett. Maybe Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will also stop by to spend some more time with his little buddy?

Tell us, though, what would you like to see in the next season of the acclaimed series? Sound off in the comments section and give us your thoughts on The Mandalorian and this new announcement regarding its next run.

Source: Twitter