Gina Carano Under Fire For Comparing Harvey Weinstein Scandal To COVID-19 Vaccinations

While a lot of big names like Gene Simmons have come out in support since Gina Carano was fired from acting on The Mandalorian, it seems like she just can’t get herself out of the spotlight — in an extremely negative way. While she’s made some bizarre comparisons of things to COVID-19 before, this latest one has gotten more than a few raised eyebrows.

In a recent Tweet, Carano compared the vaccine mandates set forth by President Joe Biden to some of the worst actions alleged to have been committed by Harvey Weinstein. Allegations against the film producer included rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse.

Unsurprisingly, people are absolutely roasting her for it on Twitter with reactions ranging for eye-rolling exasperation to downright disgust.

With rumors of Gina Carano returning for The Mandalorian season 4, you’d think she’d calm down on Twitter if they were true.