Gina Carano Under Fire For Controversial Statements Comparing COVID-19 To HIV

It seems that controversy and Gina Carano are inseparable at this point with the actress facing more anger each coming week for her statements and actions. Whether it’s been for making transphobic jokes or being against vaccine mandates, she seems to attract a lot of outrage. Now Carano is at it again with many angry about one of her latest Tweets.

The post in question compares COVID-19 to HIV in a way that many people are pointing out is absurd and an apples to oranges comparison.

One of the many issues brought up with the Tweet is that something like this has actually happened. The US HIV Travel Ban lasted for over 20 years and only finally ended in 2010. In fact, 48 countries still even have travel restrictions based on HIV-positive status including Australia, Isreal, and Egypt.

Deaths related to HIV and AIDS in the United States were around 700,000 in 2018 but these severe cases continue to decline thanks to treatments and PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) options like Truvada and Descovy. As it stands currently, we’ve had over 680k COVID-19 deaths in the US with numbers rising by over 2300 each day.

Facts like these lead to fans calling out Gina Carano for the obviously misleading comments.

There’s no telling yet if Carano generating even more controversy will hurt her rumored chances of returning to The Mandalorian for season 4. Gina Carano’s next appearance will be in a remake of The Hitcher whose release date has yet to be announced.