‘Good Omens’ star addresses ‘Doctor Who’ casting rumors

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Good Omens already stars one Time Lord, but could it feature another? Tenth Doctor David Tennant co-leads the hit Amazon fantasy series as Crowley, but lately, Michael Sheen, the Aziraphale the angel to his demon, has been linked to the Doctor Who universe, too. With Jodie Whittaker bowing out in 2022, the hunt is on for the Fourteenth Doctor, with many fans hoping that Sheen could be in the running.

The Twilight actor has now addressed all the Whoniverse talk, though, unfortunately, he’s ruled it out as hearsay. During an interview with Metro, Sheen was asked if he could be the one to take control of the TARDIS next, and he admitted that he hadn’t been contacted by the BBC about it, although he’s flattered by the interest.

“I must say I’m very flattered that there’s been a lot of people, particularly Doctor Who fans, who have said they would like to see me as Doctor Who,” the actor said. “That’s incredibly flattering. I have to say – none of those people work on Doctor Who. So I have not heard from them. I would be very surprised myself if, when the Doctor transforms, it is me.”

Even if the BBC was interested in getting Sheen aboard, it’s unlikely he would be able to accept. He’s currently busy shooting the second season of Good Omens in Scotland. The show’s sophomore run was announced this past summer, surprising and delighting fans in equal measure. With the first six episodes fully adapting the best-selling book by Neil Gaiman and Sir Terry Pratchett, there was no guarantee there would be more, but EP Gaiman ended up threading together a new story out of ideas for a never-written sequel novel.

As for Who, returning showrunner Russell T. Davies has confirmed that auditions are underway for Time Lord No. 14, so it looks like we could be finding out who ends up landing the coveted gig in the new year. Frontrunners for the part include lesser-known names like Lydia West and Omari Douglas and more famous choices like Lucy Lawless.

While we wait for more Good Omens, Doctor Who returns for its annual winter special, “Eve of the Daleks,” this New Year’s Day.