Gotham Actor Teases Future Appearance For Dick Grayson


Recently, Bruce Wayne himself, David Mazouz, spoke about how he thinks we’ll definitely see both a fully-fledged Batman and Joker on Fox’s Gotham eventually. Now, another star of the prequel series has hinted that we might see a different important figure of the Dark Knight’s mythos arrive on the show at some point.

Speaking at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in Nashville, Sean Pertwee – who plays Bruce’s loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth – discussed the possibility of future Boy Wonder Dick Grayson turning up on Gotham. He didn’t outright confirm anything, but rather reminded audiences that Dick’s parents, Mary Lloyd and John Grayson, have already been introduced in the season 1 episode “The Blind Fortune Teller.”

“She was pregnant when we saw her in the circus episode with Jerome, and presumably that’s Robin there in the tummy. We’ll see if that comes back around.”

Fans will remember that the episode stuck closely to the comics by depicting Dick’s parents as working as acrobatic act the Flying Graysons at Haly’s Circus. Following usual lore, the pair are fated to be murdered by crime boss Tony Zucco. Their deaths leave Dick an orphan, after which he’s taken in by Bruce Wayne and trained as his sidekick.

“The Blind Fortune Teller” is also notable for being the debut of Jerome Valeska. The teen killer, played by Cameron Monaghan, has been heavily suggested to be the future Joker and even had his first face-off (literally) with Bruce Wayne in an episode of season 3.

In regards to what else lies ahead, we know that Gotham‘s fourth season is set to move young Master Wayne even closer to donning a pointy-eared cowl and fighting crime. Apparently, Ra’s al Ghul will play a major role and Jonathan Crane’s transformation into the Scarecrow will also be explored. Not only that, but Harley Quinn is also expected to make an appearance in some form. As such, you can count on there being much to look forward to when the show returns this fall.