It Sounds Like Barbara Kean May Have Survived The Gotham Season 3 Finale


If you’re a fan of Gotham and your memory serves you well, then you no doubt remember all the discussion that was had leading up to the season 3 finale saying that Harley Quinn was set to appear in some form. Hell, the producers themselves said as much months in advance. But, when the time came, the Clown Princess of Crime didn’t reveal herself, Barbara Kean or otherwise.

So, no matter how much smoke the powers that be want to blow up our bums, our best guess is that they called an eleventh hour audible, possibly due to either not wanting to step on Margot Robbie’s toes or because the show wasn’t renewed for a fourth season until damn near the last minute. Seriously, go back and watch the closing moments and tell me they didn’t shoot them without considering the possibility that could’ve been the series finale.

Getting back to Barbara, those who are up to speed should recall her encounter with Tabitha Galavan that saw her appear to be fatally electrocuted. Well, according to co-star David Mazouz, it sounds like she may have made it out alive. Here’s something he had to say on that front at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Nashville when asked if he thought Babs could ever get back together with Jim Gordon:

“Maybe she can get good again, and they’ll get back together at some point soon.”

Sure, a romantic reunion may be a bit of a stretch, but you have to agree that Mazouz’s words imply Barbara is still among the living. And while it could be argued that he misdirected us with a Harley Quinn teaser of his own in the past, I’m pretty sure that he was telling the truth at the time of that particular statement.

Hopefully we’ll have more solid answers at San Diego Comic-Con in a week and a half. But, if not, we’ll just have to tune in when Gotham returns for its fourth season on Thursday, September 28 on Fox.

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