Gotham Season Finale Delivers Everything – Except For Harley Quinn


Last night, Gotham served up what was arguably its strongest season finale to date, effectively giving viewers much to talk about during the summer hiatus. But before we discuss the exciting developments that did occur, let’s touch on what didn’t.

Throughout 2017, you’ve no doubt read many articles heralding the coming of this series’ version of Harley Quinn. Heck, even David Mazouz himself confirmed her for the series finale not long ago. So, you could probably imagine the shock I endured when she failed to appear. Perhaps you too were expecting something to happen after Tabitha Galavan electrocuted Barbara Kean given that the latter has been dropping teasers of her own in recent memory, but from the look of it, the encounter proved fatal.

According to TV Line, there are no plans for Harley to appear on the show, which seems to be a bit of backpedaling on the part of the creative minds, especially when you consider that executive producer John Stephens teased her back in January. Our best guesses are that either this has been put off until season 4, the cast and crew were trolling the people of Earth on an epic scale (doubtful) or that the thread has been scrapped entirely, perhaps in an effort not to step on Margot Robbie’s toes.

Still, there was a lot of cool stuff that did go down: Tabitha and Selina Kyle forged a new alliance, with the latter taking strides toward becoming Catwoman; a nearly dead Butch Gilzean was revealed to be Cyrus Gold by birth, finally delivering on the promise of Solomon Grundy appearing on the series; Ra’s al Ghul made his much talked about debut; and Penguin laid plans for opening the Iceberg Lounge.

But most importantly of all, Bruce Wayne started embracing his destiny by breaking up a mugging while clad in black clothing. And while this doesn’t equate him to having gone full Batman as some have jumped to the conclusion of, it does foreshadow that he’s going to take on a more proactive role in season 4.

Gotham returns with new episodes on Thursdays this fall on Fox.