Gotham Season 5 Premiere Date Finally Announced


Though it may be tough to accept how Gotham‘s fifth season will indeed be its last, the reality of the situation is that every show must conclude at some point. Still, not knowing when the Batman prequel series would return for its final tour has made the wait especially hard, but all that ends today.

Fortunately, Fox has let the cat out of the bag, thus announcing the final ten episodes will begin airing on Thursday, January 3rd at 8 pm EST, therefore remaining in the very same time slot season 4 called home. Hey, this may be a truncated affair, but at least it wasn’t sent to Friday nights in order to live out its remaining days.

Oddly enough, we probably know more about what to expect going in than we had with previous seasons. The reasoning behind this is that filming commenced over the summer as usual, so the cast and crew will likely wrap long in advance of the premiere.

Because of this, we’ve already seen Jeremiah Valeska’s new look and Shane West in full Bane regalia, the latter of which seems to be set for either episode 8 or 9, judging by the shooting schedule. Also of note is Bruce Wayne wearing proto-Batman armor, although we’ll get the genuine article in the finale.

Speaking of this iteration of the Dark Knight, here’s what executive producer John Stephens recently had to say about those crimefighting duds:

“I think it’s more matte. It’s inspired by, if I had to compare to any one costume, I’d say it’s closer to The Dark Knight Rises. It’s a little more metallic Bat battle-y looking rather than something like the Suicide one or the Affleck one.”

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