Green Arrow And The Canaries Photos Reveal A Moody Future


The two-part conclusion of “Crisis On Infinite Earths” is mere hours away (are you as excited as I am?), and the end of Arrow imminently after that, but the Arrowverse is still looking beyond the conclusion of its flagship progenitor with the release of an assortment of new photos for Green Arrow and the Canaries.

Prominently featuring Mia, Laurel and Dinah, the images show our trio of lady heroes looking badass in their hero costumes and elegant out of them, indicating that the mix of gloom and style that made Arrow so visually distinctive will remain alive and well in its spinoff. Crucially, they show that the Laurel and Dinah who will appear in the series are their present-day incarnations rather than the fifty-something versions of the characters seen in the 2040 future, meaning that more time travel will be utilized to kick off the series and possible paradoxes to avoid if their older selves are still kicking around, dependent on what temporal rules are applied.

They also give us our first look at new character Bianca Bertinelli (Raigan Harris). Nothing has been said about her, although the show’s official synopsis refers to a kidnapping victim, so it’s possible that this will be Bianca, and upon her rescue she ends up joining the team. Her surname will not be a coincidence, either, so as (presumably) the daughter of Helena Bertinelli, who appeared in a handful of episodes during Arrow’s early days, she may well go on to take up her mother’s mantle as the new Huntress.

This could lead to the show becoming something akin to a Birds of Prey series, with the only slot in the team’s traditional lineup yet to be filled being Oracle. Although, if Arrowverse shows have taught us anything, it’s that heroes rarely have to look far to locate suitable tech nerds when the need arises.