Green Arrow And The Canaries Star Wants Major Arrowverse Crossovers

Katherine McNamara Arrow

If all goes well, the Emerald Archer’s legacy will continue in the Arrowverse next season in the form of spinoff show Green Arrow and the CanariesBefore Arrow ended, the producers slipped in a backdoor pilot for the prospective follow-up series, setting up the adventures of Oliver Queen’s daughter Mia, as she fights crime in a futuristic Star City, along with a time-displaced Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) and Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy).

The show’s 2040 setting might mean it’s separate from the rest of the Arrowverse, but star Kat McNamara still has high hopes that other CW heroes will turn up on the spinoff. In fact, while speaking to TooFab recently, the actress named the three characters she’d most like to see appear on Green Arrow and the Canaries.

“I think the spinoff provides a lot of opportunities to keep building the relationships that we started in Arrow, bring them over.” McNamara said. “We have so many badass women in this world, whether it’s Nyssa al Ghul, or bring Caity Lotz over [from Legends of Tomorrow]. Mia has such a great relationship with Barry Allen, bring that over.”

Of course, Caity Lotz would be a natural crossover for the series, seeing as she’s yet another Canary who could join the crew. Likewise, Nyssa trained Mia in the original pre-Crisis timeline, so that would make sense, too. There’s less of a direct connection to the heroine with Barry, but like McNamara says, there’s a fun dynamic there all the same. As such, a cameo from the Flash wouldn’t go amiss, either.

Having said this, McNamara also wanted to stress that Green Arrow has its own strong leading characters to showcase and will offer a fresh perspective on the Arrowverse.

“But also we have this chance to make a new fresh team,” the star continued. “We’ve got the three of us and then there’s William, who has the Felicity angle. And all these other people we could bring in for a new team, where you have that same energy, that same vibe of the original show — that dark, that grit, all of that — but there’s something fresh that audiences can relive what they love so much.”

All of this is exciting to talk about, but the sad truth is that we don’t know whether the network is going to progress with the show or not. Superman & Lois is already commissioned, so it remains to be seen whether The CW will want to add two new Arrowverse series to its lineup in the same year. Not to mention that the pandemic could affect things as well.

But it could go either way, so let’s not despair yet. Green Arrow and the Canaries could well get the greenlight and be able to pull off these epic crossovers.