Hailee Steinfeld reveals how she coped with her MCU debut in ‘Hawkeye’

It can’t be easy for a newcomer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe getting parachuted into a mythology that’s been established and expanding for thirteen years, especially when they’re being positioned as a co-lead alongside a franchise veteran that’s been part of the furniture for a decade, never mind the long-term plan to have them inherit the mantle on a full-time basis.

Of course, Hailee Steinfeld is a more than accomplished talent in her own right, having nabbed Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations, headlined the best Transformers movie ever and toured with the likes of Katy Perry and One Direction’s Niall Horan during her regular sojourns into the music industry, and yet she’s still only 24.

That being said, the star admitted in an interview with Deadline’s Hero Nation podcast that she found the experience of plunging herself into the MCU daunting at first, before her Hawkeye collaborators made her feel at ease.

“Things were happening fast and, on the fly, and, you know, when you are walking into a world that is very much established and you’re trying to establish yourself, it can be tricky. But I had some incredible support from Jeremy, and the filmmakers, and the writers and everyone and anyone involved.”

Fans were thrilled when Steinfeld’s casting as Kate Bishop was first announced, and that hasn’t changed at all the closer we’ve gotten to release. In fact, audiences are more excited than ever to see what she brings to the table when Hawkeye lands with a bumper two-episode premiere just five days from now.