Hannibal Creator Hopes The Show’s Popularity On Netflix Leads To A Revival


You can tell how passionate and dedicated a following Hannibal has from the fact that despite being canceled over five years ago, hopes of a revival have never truly quietened down. The show may have originally been axed due to low ratings, but it has only grown more popular since it was first taken off the air with new fans constantly discovering the twisted psychological thriller.

All of the key members of the cast and crew would love to make a fourth season a reality, but nobody has been willing to fund it. However, there’s been a sense of renewed optimism ever since Hannibal debuted on Netflix, where it quickly became one of the streaming service’s most-watched shows, and subtle alterations made to some of the technical aspects had people believing that it could be poised for a comeback.

Netflix have something of a reputation for reviving shows that have been canceled elsewhere, and with Hannibal once again reinforcing its unwavering popularity, showrunner Bryan Fuller admitted in a recent interview that he’s very much one of those hoping that the increased visibility could eventually lead to Dr. Lecter and Will Graham’s story continuing.

“I wish there was something that was definitive. I’ve had conversations with Hugh and Mads and the cast, in terms of like, ‘This is what we would do if we were allowed to come back’. There’s some ideas that I’m very excited about that continue the strange trajectory of season 3. But I have not been approached. I’ve knocked on every door and rang every bell. Martha De Laurentiis and I, every couple of years, pick up our bags and go door to door and see if anybody’s interested in revisiting. The biggest hurdle is that we were somebody else’s show.”


Of course, matters haven’t been helped by the rights issues surrounding the various characters from Thomas Harris’ novels, with a Clarice Starling series also in the works, but Fuller remains hopeful that Netflix could provide the key to a fourth season, and made quite the interesting comparison to put his point across.

“What I love about Netflix platforming the show now is there’s an opportunity for it to be seen as a Netflix show and maybe that will reconfigure their appetite, so to speak. But nobody has said anything to me, and believe me, like the nickel hooker on the red light district I am hanging out the window, waving my legs. They know I’m ready.”

Netflix may have been making a more concerted effort to focus on their in-house content, but with nobody else taking the plunge to revive Hannibal, there’s no denying that one of the best shows of the 21st century would be an ideal candidate for the company to invest in, especially when it continues to prove so popular with subscribers.