‘Hawkeye’ fans already getting their hopes up for Kingpin debut


Rhys Thomas recently admitted that he found Marvel Cinematic Universe fan theories to be a terrifying prospect, which is fair enough when you’ve been tasked to direct three of Hawkeye‘s six episodes, and the series has already been the subject of intense speculation as to who could be set for a surprise appearance.

One of the most notable is Vincent D’Onofrio’s returning Kingpin, with the actor himself having leaned into the speculation to drum up buzz on social media, something he’s got a habit of doing. Of course, there are plenty of connections to Wilson Fisk across the show’s first two installments, but we haven’t been promised a thing.

Inevitably, though, fans are already getting hyped at the prospect of the former Daredevil alum making his grand reintroduction into the canonical MCU, even if nobody involved in the production has even come close to officially mentioning his name in conjunction with the show.

If Kingpin doesn’t appear by the time Hawkeye wraps up, then you can bet there’s going to be widespread backlash on social media, even though the fanbase will only have itself to blame. Then again, the focus will probably shift onto Echo in the immediate aftermath, another MCU project that’s been heavily touted as D’Onofrio’s next potential destination.