HBO Max Reportedly Wants Gal Gadot For Titans Spinoff Series


Production on Titans season 3 is underway right now, with the DC TV series continuing to expand its storyline in exciting ways, such as Jason Todd becoming Red Hood. It definitely feels like another spinoff – following Doom Patrol – or maybe even several could be in the works, then, seeing as the show has already built up such a full version of the DC universe, and one that could be happening is a solo vehicle for Wonder Girl, which may lead to a major DCEU crossover.

Insider Mikey Sutton of Geekosity is claiming that HBO Max is keen to make a Wonder Girl series given how popular the Wonder Woman character has been in the movies. In fact, their hope is apparently to get Gal Gadot on board for some kind of appearance, probably just a cameo. Sutton explains the concept as a small scale version of what Marvel is doing with their movie/TV crossovers over on Disney Plus.

Wonder Girl show is definitely likely, as We Got This Covered heard that it was in the works last year. Not to mention that while the season 2 finale of Titans saw Conor Leslie’s Donna Troy killed off, her body was taken back to Themyscira to be resurrected. So – depending on if her revival is addressed in season 3 – that would be a natural way to kick off her own series.

As for how Gadot could factor into things when the DCEU and the Titans universe are definitely not the same, Sutton has provided an answer. He says that the logistics behind the crossover will all become clear after The Flash movie, which we know will pull a Flashpoint and realign the DC multiverse, probably bringing a few different continuities together in the process.

HBO Max is definitely looking to capitalize on the potential of the DC world on the platform, and exploring the Amazonian side of the universe would be a smart move, while getting Gadot involved would just be the icing on the cake.

Titans season 3 is likely to hit the site in spring 2021. Watch this space for more.