Multiple Titans Spinoffs Rumored To Be In The Works For HBO Max


Warner Bros. are making a serious effort to position their lineup of DC Comics content as the cornerstone of HBO Max, and there are already a whole host of exciting projects in the works. Zack Snyder’s Justice League is obviously the big one, but there’s also John Cena’s The Suicide Squad spinoff, Matt Reeves’ companion show to The Batman that focuses on the Gotham City Police Department, James Wan’s Aquaman animated miniseries and J.J. Abrams’ Justice League Dark to name but a few.

It isn’t all about the new arrivals, though, as an established favorite is also shaping up to become an integral part of HBO Max’s lineup. The first two seasons may have aired on the doomed DC Universe, but Titans managed to find a huge audience after Netflix acquired the international distribution rights to the series. With Warner Bros.’ other streaming platform looking to be on its last legs, HBO Max stepped in and will now exclusively produce and release the upcoming third season.

Not only that, but a new report claims that multiple spinoffs could be in the works for Titans, which would position it as a sort of dark and gritty alternative to The CW’s Arrowverse. Fan favorite Jason Todd will be debuting as Red Hood in season 3, and the character is already rumored to be getting his own solo show even though the third run of episodes only started shooting earlier this month.

Tim Drake’s Robin and a less humorous live-action adaptation of Teen Titans have also been mentioned as possibilities, but Warner Bros. are probably waiting to see how Titans season 3 turns out before they decide to give the green light to an extended universe of shows, especially when DC fans are going to be spoiled for choice on HBO Max.