Game Of Thrones Series Finale Photos Tease The End

Game of Thrones

As sad as it may be, the truth is undeniable. The eighth and final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones has had its fair share of disappointing moments and shocking surprises, but after more than eight years of death and destruction, the ever-popular high fantasy series is finally coming to an end. The final episode airs in just a few short days, and longtime viewers and new fans alike will soon get to see how the cutthroat pursuit for the iron throne plays out.

Leading up to the series finale, HBO has now released a couple of promotional photos. However, the network has changed things up this time around. Normally, fans and critics would have close to a dozen production stills to look over, scouring each pixel for some hidden meaning or clue that would hint at what’s to come. Heading into the last episode though, the network opted to share just two.

In the first photo, Daenerys Targaryen can be seen standing over her army, as she overlooks the destruction she reigned down upon King’s Landing in last week’s episode. Fire rages on in the background, and while it appears like the scene is blanketed in snow, upon further inspection, it becomes clear that it’s actually ash.

The second shot, meanwhile, shows Tyrion Lannister, who looks taken aback. Based on the wreckage in the background of this photo, there’s a good chance he’s also at the newly-destroyed King’s Landing.

Though neither of these pics tell us much, based on how the show’s penultimate episode played out, there’s a good chance that either Tyrion, Arya Stark or Jon Snow will try to put an end to Dany’s unpredictable nature. But that’s just our opinion.

How do you think Game of Thrones will end? And were you happy with how this season turned out, or have you been disappointed? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below!