Henry Cavill Shows Off Geralt’s Scars In New Witcher Set Photo

henry Cavill witcher

He’s conquered the Northern Kingdoms and taken down nearly every beast and foul creature under the sun, but it seems Geralt of Rivia is now headed for the small screen.

Netflix and showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich have officially committed to a big budget TV adaptation of The Witcher, with Henry Cavill, star of Mission: Impossible and Justice League, on board to bring to life the glowering Geralt. There’s been few details to peruse on Netflix’s latest original series as of yet, though over on Instagram, Cavill has now shared a new set photo that shows off Geralt’s scars.

Seen below, the actor gives us a look at the scars the character will don in the series, and given that these are on his stomach, it seems that Cavill will be going shirtless for at least a few scenes. Otherwise, why go to the trouble of putting these markings on him?

From the little that we do know about Netflix’s upcoming adaptation, it seems Geralt will be encountering a powerful sorceress and a young princess with a dangerous secret. The sorceress will likely be his long-time love interest Yennefer, while the princess could either be Renfri (who’s said to be a brutal take on Snow White) or perhaps Geralt’s adoptive daughter, Ciri.

With the show now deep in production, it hopefully won’t be too long before we get a trailer or even a full shot of Cavill in costume as the titular hero. We did receive a brief look at him a few months back, but it was more just a headshot showing only the upper half of his body and was also heavily shadowed.

There’s no release date set for The Witcher just yet, but we imagine it’ll hit the streaming service either later this year or in early 2020. As always, be sure to keep watching this space for more.