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Here’s how your favorite ‘The Simpsons’ characters would look in the world of anime

Well, thanks to 'Treehouse of Horror', you can.

the simpsons anime treehouse of horror
Credit: FOX

The Simpsons is gearing up to release its 2022 Treehouse of Horror episode on Oct. 30 and to help build anticipation a new look at the episode has been revealed — and it boasts an anime twist.

This upcoming episode will include an anime-style segment and we now have a glimpse at some of the most beloved characters. In this style Homer, Marge and Lisa look completely different but still boast their signature features and styles.

In this portion of the episode aptly called Death Tome Lisa will get her hands on this magical notebook which likely functions similarly to its inspiration the ultra-popular anime series Death Note.

Of all of the characters that have been revealed the one that has received the most significant changes in this style is Marge who no longer boasts her cactus style cut, but instead has her hair short and tied back.

It wasn’t just these images that were shared, a clip for the segment also surfaced online showcasing how Lisa comes into possession of this powerful object. Unfortunately for eager fans, the episode isn’t available to watch yet, but there isn’t too long of a wait before it is.

You’ll be able to catch this episode of The Simpsons on Fox this Sunday so make sure you don’t miss what is the most highly anticipated episode of the show this year. If you want to binge the show in the meantime all of the seasons so far are available to stream on Disney Plus right now.

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