House In The Big House: Season 8 Teaser

House returns for what should be a challenging 8th season. Lisa Edelstein’s Dr. Cuddy is gone and the hospital has a new, as yet unnamed, Chief of Medicine. As for House; he’s behind bars.

This new teaser for the eighth season gives us our first glimpse of life in the big house for Hugh Laurie’s Dr. House and a taste of what to expect this season.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable. 

Season seven ended with a major shocker as Dr. House drove his car through the side of Cuddy’s house and then fled to the Caribbean. Season eight picks up several months down the road. House has returned from his hideout and is serving his punishment.

Dr. Cuddy has left Princeton Plainsborough. She will soon be followed out the door by Dr. Remy Hadley, Thirteen to her colleagues. Olivia Wilde is only expected to stick around for a few of this season’s episodes before resuming her hectic film schedule.

Replacing them is Odette Annable who will play Dr. Jessica Adams, a doctor at the prison where House is being held. Dr. Adams will be drafted to House’s team as he will no doubt consult on cases from the prison.

Also joining the cast is comedian Charlyne Yi though her character has yet to be named. Yi is set to play a doctor as well and be part of Dr. House’s team back at the hospital. Yi is best known for her brief role in Knocked Up and the indie flick Paper Heart.

One of the big mysteries this season is: Who will replace Cuddy as Chief of Medicine? The candidates include Omar Epps’ Dr. Foreman, Peter Jacobson’s Dr. Taub and the most likely choice, Robert Sean Leonard’s Dr. Wilson.

Why Wilson? Who else would let House come back to the hospital after he gets out of prison?

We will find out what life behind bars is like for House and who the new boss is when House returns for season eight on Monday, October 3rd on Fox.