Claire’s Just Getting Started In First House Of Cards Season 6 Trailer


Once Kevin Spacey became embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal that promised to finish his career, it looked like Netflix’s hit political drama House of Cards would be brought down with him, as the writers were left with a dilemma as to how to proceed without the main character. Of course, anyone who watches the show knew that there was an obvious way to save it: just focus on Spacey’s on-screen wife, Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood.

And that’s exactly the route they’ve gone down. In this first teaser for season 6, which is being marketed as the show’s final season, we’re introduced to the series’ new status quo: Frank Underwood is out and there’s a new President in the White House. And they’re just getting started.

Though Spacey’s enforced absence from the show will no doubt cause a few hiccups in the new season, the previous run had actually set things up surprisingly well for a House of Cards without Frank. At the end of season 5, fans will remember that Claire revealed she was ready to pick up the pieces of her disgraced husband’s administration and take on the job herself. In a landmark moment for the series, Claire broke the fourth-wall for only the second time and told the camera: “My turn.”

House of Cards season 5

Back in October, production on the show was abandoned after only one episode was completed due to the number of allegations leveled at its star. By the next month, Spacey had been fired and filming ultimately resumed earlier this year, with season 6 reduced from 13 episodes down to 8.

It’s not yet known whether the premiere that involved Spacey will be shelved or still be screened as part of the run, but to fill out the cast in lieu of the actor, Academy Award nominees Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear have joined the ensemble.

Be sure to catch House of Cards season 6 on Netflix this Fall.