How Many Actually Obey The TV Ratings?

The world of modern TV sometime ago put in a ratings system so parents could gauge what’s acceptable for their kids to watch. This is certainly soething that comes up in discussion about FOX’s Sunday night schedule of animation. Someone I know recently said, “Oh I think 8 years old is a good age to let them watch Family Guy.”

I completely disagree with them. An 8 year old should not be watching this or anything else in animation domination on FOX. I’d even argue that anyone under 12 shouldn’t be watching. Saying one would let an 8 year old watch these shows, in my view, is a perfect demonstration of a lazy parent or someone who has no kids themselves and doesn’t see the problem with that.

I don’t care how smart or “in tune” they think today’s kids are. Parent’s need to be a guiding force in educating their kids and that means making sure they watch age appropriate shows.

My mother let me watch “anything” when I was a kid and I ended up seeing
70s actress Karen Black get chased by a demon-possessed  voo-doo doll that carried a large sharp kitchen knife!

A lot of the cartoons out now on FOX are not appropriate for the young ones. Family Guy is one that comes to mind but there are a few more that I don’t think young children should be watching. One can only hope that a large percentage of parents follow the guidelines.