How tall is Lucien Laviscount on ‘Emily in Paris?’

Lucien Laviscount
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Whether you adore or hate it, you cannot escape the popularity and fascination with the comedy-drama series Emily in Paris, which hit Netflix with its third season on Dec. 21. Undoubtedly, it has treated us to intriguing new characters, snazzy designs, remarkable performances, and a complicated as well as dramatic love story.

After season two ended on a cliffhanger, letting the audience pursue the arduous task of guessing Emily’s (Lilly Collins) decision after she faced the dilemma of either staying in Paris or leaving for good, hopes rested on season three to bring in new twists and adventures.

Besides her professional conundrum, Emily’s romantic life and choices attracted enormous popular attention as the character finds herself caught in a love triangle.

Only this time, one of Emily’s potential suitors that has attracted fascination among the fans is none other than Lucien Laviscount, who plays Alfie in the series. Alfie was introduced in the fourth episode of season two as a fellow student in Emily’s French class, who went on to have a romantic affair with her later in the season. Let’s get to know some interesting details about the actor.

Who is taller?

Scene from 'Emily in Paris' showing Alfie, Emily and Gabriel
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With his appearance, the character and the actor immediately made a positive impression on the fans, who are interested to know everything about him, be it his dating life, social media accounts, or height.

The curiosity continued till the end of season three where Laviscount was granted a maximum of screentime as Emily’s leading love interest. Many fans have branded him as Emily’s most likable interest, thanks to the plot and Laviscount’s brilliant delivery of the role.

While this has caused numerous comparisons between Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and Alfie, one of the areas of comparison is their respective heights. The question that arises out of this is “who is taller?” Since his presence in season one of the series as the leading male protagonist and Emily’s ultimate romantic interest, Lucas Bravo was subjected to a lot of scrutiny concerning his personal and social life.

This was done more so to satiate the curiosity of fans who have been shipping the duo’s relationship since the very beginning of the show. Of many things, it was also revealed that Bravo is 6 ft., 1 in. tall. With Laviscount in the scene, the viewers’ eagerness to know more about the actor has disclosed quite a lot of information.

Laviscount is a 30-year-old British actor who was born in 1992 in Lancashire. Regarding his height, it has been confirmed that he is 5 ft., 10 in. tall, making him around 3 inches shorter than Bravo. Besides the height, not much information has been revealed about Laviscount’s dating life at present as the actor wishes to keep his romantic life private.

Gabriel might have beaten Alfie in height but we certainly wish to see more of Emily and Alfie in the next season.

Emily in Paris is currently streaming on Netflix.