‘Emily in Paris’ season 3 ending, explained

Emily in Paris, love triangle between Alfie and Gabriel
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Emily in Paris is back, bringing with it dear sweet genteel Emily and her wacky wardrobe along with her friends that come with their own signature styles. So what happened in the season finale of the show? Has our ingenue learned her lessons when it comes to affairs of the heart? Or is there more drama yet to come as we look towards season quatre?

Emily and Alfie

Emily in Paris
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Well, yes and no. The majority of the season sees her comfortably in a relationship with London boy Alfie after the two have a quick break up and make up at the beginning of the season. For the most part, their relationship is going smoothly, too smoothly in fact because the show writers feel compelled to throw in one small little hiccup that is barely a thing just so we have something to chew on, even if it is a little flavorless.

The two of them do seem healthy together though, both of them working towards a work-life balance, helping one another out where they can and generally supporting one another. They even have issues that they talk through, being vulnerable with one another and solving them together. All in all, they make a sweet couple, but these never usually last that long in dramas because – well where is the drama?

Emily and Gabriel

We do still see Emily spending an inordinate amount of time with her ex-amour, the dashing Gabriel, though she appears to have wisened up this time and does not give into temptation even when it’s dangled in front of her. Gabriel’s drunken admission of still loving her is enough to confuse her slightly, but not enough for her to risk her current relationship with Alfie and take advantage of a drunken friend at a low point. You know, being a decent human being as the bare minimum.

There are plenty of moments throughout the show where we feel these two may just start passionately making out but they don’t, which shows growth but is also so infuriating for viewers and those who believe these two are endgame.

Mindy and Nicolas (and Emily)

Emily in Paris
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Mindy herself has also been going through the romantic wringer with her former love Benoît leaving her thanks to his own jealousy and inability to overcome the fact that yes, she grew up rich. The wealthy Nicolas de Leon then steps into the picture and quickly makes himself immediately unlikable by trying to wedge a gap between our two gal pals. In the last episode, Mindy is furious with him after finding this out and tells him he must make an effort to get on with Emily.

Just as she is about to give up on Nicolas who shows up but Benoît, who apologizes for his behavior and lets her know that their song has made it into Eurovision! This better mean that the next season we see Mindy there! Nicolas does come through at the last minute, much to our disdain, to whisk her away to the party. Honestly, her life is a lot more exciting than Emily’s at this point.

Gabriel and Camille

Gabriel and Camille have been finding it hard to balance his crazy work schedule with getting any romantic time, and it’s true, we rarely see them together. Instead, we see Camille indulging in an affair with one of the artists she championed for her gallery, Sofia from Greece, and Camille then completely disappears from our radar as she hightails it over there. Gabriel does grow suspicious of Camille after she posts pictures of herself with some boys from a club in Greece, though it’s not the boys Gabriel has to worry about.

Not long after, Gabriel announces he will propose to Camille, despite things seeming so messed up only moments earlier, and Emily cannot be happier for them, which she says with her words and not with her facial expression, “oh no, conflicting feelings!” He is beaten to the punch though when Camille instead proposes to him.

The Engagement Party

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Cue the season finale where a huge engagement party is thrown for the happy couple at Camille’s parent’s château. Everyone seems thrilled, and Camille’s creepy younger brother (who’s all grown up now, look he has a beard!) makes an unwanted appearance. Mindy and Nicolas arrive a tad late via helicopter, because if you have all that money then why not!

So Emily and Alfie, Gabriel and Camille, and Mindy and Nicolas are there at the party, including Camille’s family and a couple of Camille’s friends that honestly, we don’t know why they have any camera time – who are they again? Everyone seems to be having a jolly old time, and Camille’s mother takes the time to pull her daughter aside and tell her that she has done it, she has won at life, because she has snagged herself a man. Thanks, mom. Little does mère know that her daughter was having a petit sapphic awakening with the lovely Sofia.

Emily knows though, and finally confronts Camille about it at the party telling him she should tell Gabriel, with Camille basically telling her to back off. Emily does keep her mouth shut, but she does have one secret to impart to Gabriel and that is that his restaurant is well on its way to getting his dream, a Michelin star. Overjoyed with this news and seemingly in a rush (we wonder why?) Gabriel and Camille decide to get married in the conveniently located chapel, with the conveniently present priest, that very night.


As the two are saying their vows, Camille finally decides to actually go after what she wants for a change, but rather than just excusing herself from the whole arrangement she decides to take Emily down with her, telling everyone that Gabriel and Emily have loved each other from the moment they met. It seems odd that she uses this life-defining moment to talk about Emily and not her own indiscretions and desires, but I guess this show is all about Emily, everything in this world is all about Emily, and even this moment of emancipation for Camille is about Emily.

Which leads Alfie to just give up on their relationship there and then, stating he knew it all along… though in that case why was he so cool with them always hanging out together, one has to wonder? Bomb dropped, and wedding called off, Gabriel and Emily sit alone on the terrace, where Gabriel has one more bomb of his own to drop – Camille is pregnant. Well, at least that explains the sudden rush to get engaged and married.

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So as it stands Alfie has walked out, though we don’t know exactly how far he has gone. Emily did not appear to have followed him, Camille has finally decided to do what she wants and not what her mother has planned for her, Mindy is set for Eurovision but is still dating the questionable Nicolas, and Emily and Gabriel are now left in a “what happens next” situation.

Season 4

This leads us all to wonder what will happen in the next season. Will Gabriel and Emily stop messing about and finally get together or will this shocking pregnancy news derail that? Will Camille want to take herself and their unborn child to Greece to be with Sofia, and how will Gabriel and Camille deal with their relationship now there is a baby involved? One thing is for certain, we better see our girl Mindy in Eurovision wearing something massively over the top or there will be hell to pay!

Emily in Paris seasons one to three are streaming on Netflix, and a fourth season is expected to debut sometime in 2023.