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In what’s almost certainly an anti-troll measure, the trailer for Brie Larson’s upcoming TV series debuts with comments disabled

It's hard to imagine it's a coincidence.

lessons in chemistry
Photo via Apple TV

Apple TV seems aware that the internet has a Brie Larson problem, or at least that’s how it appears from the outside looking in after the first full-length trailer for the streaming service’s upcoming series Lessons in Chemistry debuted on YouTube with comments disabled from the off.

We’re not saying it was done as an explicitly preventative measure to stop the actress’ army of detractors from piling in, but the last time the Academy Award winner took center stage in a project’s maiden promo, the first footage from The Marvels became the single most-disliked trailer in Marvel Cinematic Universe history.

Of course, the projects couldn’t be more different in every way, with the latter a blockbuster superhero sequel with designs on conquering the box office and combating the trolls all at once, while the other is a drama with its eyes on critical acclaim and potential awards season recognition that finds Larson starring as Elizabeth Zott, a housewife who hosts a cooking show in the 1960s and uses it as a means to educate her fellow women on scientific topics.

On the surface, it doesn’t seem like the sort of show that needs to relayed to the masses on YouTube with comments turned off, but as we’ve seen repeatedly over the last half a decade, all it takes is the merest hint of Larson to cause blood to boil across the web and force the naysayers to stop doing whatever it is that they’re doing at the time and start baying for her head.

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