The Internet’s Freaking Out Over Netflix’s Space Force Trailer

Space Force

Are you getting tired of rewatching The Office yet? No, of course you’re not. Even so, the show’s creator Greg Daniels is teaming back up with Michael Scott himself, Steve Carell, to give you something brand new to binge later this month – and you’re not going to want to miss this one.

Netflix’s upcoming workplace comedy, Space Force, places Carell in another leadership position, this time as General Mark Naird. Having served most of his adult life in the United States Air Force, Naird is excited to hear he’s being promoted and is under the assumption that he’ll be taking over the service to which he’s pledged so many years. Instead, he’s selected to lead a new branch known as – you guessed it – the Space Force, an undertaking that he’s not particularly excited about.

The show got its first trailer yesterday, giving us a glimpse at the type of comedy we’ll be getting. And while it looks a bit less like a documentary and more like a highly-produced series, Space Force nevertheless seems to retain Daniels’ classic brand of humor that we’ve all grown to love and appreciate.

Speaking of loving things, the internet went completely wild for the new trailer, and many went on to Twitter to express their reactions to it. You can hardly blame them, either, as it does look like a really good time.

Space Force

Plenty of other famous faces will be making an appearance on Space Force as well, including John Malkovich, Lisa Kudrow, Noah Emmerich, and Ben Schwartz. With so many great actors putting their all into the show, it’s almost guaranteed to be another big hit for Daniels and another binge-worthy experience for all of us.

Space Force launches onto Netflix on May 29th, 2020.