The Internet Wants Johnny Depp As Gomez In Tim Burton’s Addams Family Show

Johnny Depp

In news that hit that strange sweet spot of coming completely out of the blue but also not surprising anyone in the slightest, it was recently announced that Tim Burton is developing a live-action series based on The Addams Family. On the surface, it seems like the perfect blend of the filmmaker’s established sensibilities and source material, and most people can probably already imagine how it’ll turn out.

Burton’s last few movies have so far largely underwhelmed, but he can usually be relied on to do decent business at the box office and deliver exactly what his fans are expecting from him. Not much is known about what he’s cooking up here just yet, but the new version of The Addams Family will reportedly be set in the present day and be told from Wednesday’s perspective, as if 2020 couldn’t get any weirder.

Of course, almost as soon as the news broke, the internet was rife with speculation about who could end up joining the ensemble. And unsurprisingly, Johnny Depp is emerging as the clear early frontrunner to play patriarch Gomez.

Depp and Burton were almost inseparable at one stage, working together on nine movies between 1990’s Edward Scissorhands and 2012’s Dark Shadows, but they’ve been apart for an unusually long time. The former Pirates of the Caribbean star would be a solid if uninspired choice for Gomez, while the director’s more recent muse Eva Green is also being touted as a possible contender for Morticia, which would admittedly be fantastic casting.

At the moment, The Addams Family show is the subject of an intense bidding war, and with so many parties desperate to secure the series, it shouldn’t be long until it finds a home. And once it does, the cast will begin to fall into place.