Colleen And Danny Prepare For War With New Character Posters For Iron Fist Season 2


There’s a storm brewing, and it’s now beginning to cast a dark and gloomy shadow over Hell’s Kitchen.

With exactly one week to go until the premiere of Iron Fist season 2, the Powers That Be over at Marvel and Netflix have all hands at the pump to ensure excitement for Danny Rand’s second coming – a second coming that has been reduced to just 10 episodes, down from the usual Netflix template of 13 – is at a fever-pitch right up until the moment the clock strikes midnight on September 6th.

Case in point: below you’ll find not one, but two character posters for Iron Fist season 2, spotlighting Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick), one half of the Daughters of the Dragon, and the Immortal Iron Fist himself, dressed in full battle gear. Granted, there’s still no sign of that iconic yellow suit, but we know Finn Jones’ street-level hero will at least be wearing some form of disguise come September. Baby steps, folks, baby steps

In tandem with the reveal, Netflix also dropped a very brief Iron Fist featurette in which the show’s stunt coordinator, Clayton Barber, puts Jones and Henwick through their paces.

It’s all part of Marvel’s plan to inject a sense of gritty, edge-of-your-seat realism in its comic book TV shows, and those disappointed by the fight sequences on display in Iron Fist season 2 needn’t worry about the standalone series falling prey to the same mistakes.

The 10-part second season of Marvel’s Iron Fist premieres via Netflix next Friday, September 7th. And it looks certain that Danny will be gearing up for a run-in with Typhoid Mary, the duplicitous comic book stalwart brought to life in this instance by Alice Eve.