Iron Fist Season 2 Pics Shine The Spotlight On Typhoid Mary


On the face of it, it appears Iron Fist season 2 is very much about Danny Rand encountering old friends and new foes.

Take this update from Netflix’s Instagram account as an example. Whereas before we’ve seen blistering TV spots and hyper-stylized promos for the show’s second season, today’s status report brings us closer to Alice Eve’s Typhoid Mary before raising a very pertinent point: “You never really know someone until you see both sides.”

It couldn’t be more apt for a TV franchise that deals with alter-egos on a regular basis – think Daredevil/Matt Murdock and The Punisher/Frank Castle – and with the Man Without Fear ostensibly out of the picture, it’s up to Finn Jones’ superpowered hero to protect the streets of Hell’s Kitchen (and Harlem!) from harm. He made that solemn vow during the finale of The Defenders miniseries, after all, which only adds another layer of drama and intrigue to Iron Fist season 2 as we approach the show’s September premiere.

Typhoid Mary’s first appearance in the Marvel/Netflix multiverse has been a long time coming – first she was rumored for an appearance in the standalone Jessica Jones series, before the Powers That Be ultimately decided to hold fire until Iron Fist season 2.

And considering that this is a superhero show that was in dire need of a little quality, we’re happy to report that Iron Fist‘s second season looks to be a huge improvement over the first, with a leaner story and top-tier supporting players to boot.

Also starring Jessica Henwick, Tom Pelphrey, Jessica Stroup, Sacha Dhawan, Ramón Rodríguez, Rosario Dawson, David Wenham, Simone Missick (Luke Cage) and Alice Eve, all 10 episodes of the truncated Iron Fist season 2 are expected to premiere via Netflix on September 7th.