It turns out Pedro Pascal predicted Oscar Isaac’s ‘Moon Knight’ casting years ago

Moon Knight
Image via Marvel

Oscar Isaac’s very own Marvel series Moon Knight is about to conclude next week, bringing an end to what we hope is just the first chapter in the star’s MCU career. Isaac is so good in the multi-faceted role of Marc Spector that you might think he was destined to play him. Well, here’s some evidence to support that as it turns out his Moon Knight casting was predicted long ago — by The Mandalorian‘s Pedro Pascal.

Reddit user Honigkuchenlives has uncovered one of Pascal’s Instagram pics from seven years ago, sharing a screenshot of a photo Pascal posted in which Isaac is silhouetted against the night sky while sitting on a Brooklyn rooftop. “Moon. Man,” he captioned the image. Back then, this was just an innocuous ‘say what you see’ caption, but nowadays it seems that the Din Djarin actor inadvertently foreshadowed his muse’s future hiring as Moon Knight.

A lot has changed for Isaac and Pascal since this pic was first posted in August 2015. For starters, both have joined the Star Wars universe, with the former debuting as Poe Dameron in the following year’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Pascal premiering as Baby Yoda’s bounty hunter daddy in 2019’s The Mandalorian. Superhero roles followed in Moon Knight for Isaac and in Wonder Woman 1984 for Pascal.

But one thing that’s still the same is that the pair remain best buds, as they’ve been pals since meeting in 2005. Although their friendship hasn’t stopped Isaac from declaring that his Moon Knight would definitely beat Pascal’s Mandalorian in a fight. We’d love to see that crossover become a reality, but we’d also settle for any random sci-fi movie starring the dynamic duo, as Isaac’s also pitched.

While we wait for updates on The Mandalorian season three, Moon Knight reaches its season finale next Wednesday on Disney Plus.