iZombie EP Talks Season 3 Finale And What To Expect Next Year


Despite having given the current season of iZombie a perfect score when I reviewed the first few episodes earlier this year, not even I could have predicted that it would hold up when everything was said and done. In short, we were treated to one of the best, most tightly written and well-plotted offerings DC TV has produced thus far.

In last night’s season finale, the producers made good on their teasing of “Discovery Day,” a concept introduced to us via Fillmore-Graves, a zombie private military company. Basically, it’s the term used for when the world at large learns that zombies are living among them, and that measures must be taken in order to assure the survival of the species.

As it so happened, Carey Gold was responsible for much of the mayhem that ensued this season, leading a rogue faction within the company that’d be willing to survive by any means necessary. In fact, I’d go as far to say that either she or one of her loyalists stole the cure. Not long ago, it was stated that we wouldn’t learn the culprit until season 4 and, while it does remain a loose end that needs to be tied up, I can certainly see why it got cut for time.

On a similar note, the realization of Discovery Day almost saw a delay, something executive producer Rob Thomas told CBR in a recent interview:

“It was, yes. There was some debate about when it would happen, and we always kind of thought the end of Season 3, but admittedly we didn’t know that we would be doing these 13-episode seasons. We thought we might be doing longer seasons, so there was some discussion about pushing it to Season 4, but I’m pretty happy that we kind of went with the end of Season 3.”

As for what the future holds, well, Thomas says we should expect a small time jump when season 4 picks up:

“Well, we’re going to pick up three months later, so she will have had time to digest it quite a bit more. We will see where she has landed with it. One of the big things we’re going to be playing is that… Fillmore-Graves has become a bit of a wedge issue between her and Major. You know, Major is pretty fully aboard the Fillmore-Graves train. He loves being there; he thinks they’re doing the right thing, that he’s on the right side and that Chase Graves is a great guy and a terrific leader. I think Liv is becoming less and less enamored with Fillmore-Graves and kind of thinks they’re right-wing bullies.”

iZombie is slated to return to The CW with new episodes sometime in early 2018.

Source: CBR

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