iZombie Season 3 Extended Promo Is To Die For


With the second season of iZombie having concluded nearly a year ago, we’ve had to satisfy our collective hunger with whatever bits of information came down the pipeline in the time since – and, believe me, there wasn’t much to go on. Well, we finally did get a brief promo a few weeks back, so that was something.

Now, with season 3 just within arm’s reach, the network has put out a hearty trailer that should make everyone happy. Not only does it give us a generous look at what’s to come, but it also teases what kind of brains Liv and Major will consume, no doubt bringing countless laughs along with.

From the footage provided, it’s hard to pin down what grey matter Liv has been feasting on, aside from maybe a club DJ, but it’s Major that left me in stitches. Seeing him inherit the personality traits of a teenage girl and form a selfie addiction makes for a gentle reminder of just how entertaining this series really is.

Although it’s a bit more subtle, we do see a little with Clive working more closely with the group. Now that he’s in on the secret that zombies actually exist, it will undoubtedly create a new dynamic. And should this zombie new world order prove sinister (they probably will), it’s for the best all the good guys are on the same page.

For more information, be sure to check out the synopsis for “Heaven Just Got A Little Smoother” below:

YOUR FAVORITE ZOM-COM-ROM-DRAM IS BACK FOR SEASON 3 — Liv (Rose McIver) has discovered there are more zombies living in Seattle than she previously believed. In fact, there’s a private military contractor employing a small zombie army, and that army is preparing for the day humans learn of their existence. Major (Robert Buckley) was exonerated for the crimes of the Chaos Killer, but is still considered a pariah. He manages to land a job with the one and only place that will hire him. Meanwhile, Blaine (David Anders) is accused of lying. Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli and Aly Michalka also star. Dan Etheridge directed the episode written by Rob Thomas (#301).

iZombie premieres on Tuesday, April 4 on The CW.