James Gunn Addresses Rumors Of Major Peacemaker Cameo


Outside of being a direct sequel to The Suicide Squad, not much is known about HBO Max series Peacemaker. John Cena will take center stage — a welcome development after critics and audiences praised his hilarious performance in the Squad — but plot and character details are still firmly under wraps.

As a high-profile superhero project hailing from a fast-rising star and a well-known filmmaker, the Peacemaker rumor mill is buzzing. In fact, an unconfirmed and uncorroborated report claims iconic Batman villain Bane was lined up for a cameo appearance.

As usual, Gunn took to social media to address the speculation; however, do not expect the hulking masked villain to appear.

Undeterred by Peacemaker creator, writer and occasional director’s words, insider Grace Randolph edged her way into the conversation; though, she was swiftly shut down.

Gunn is correct. He doesn’t lie to fans, and he’s an active presence on social media that regularly interacts, responds, and debunks questions. It looks as though Peacemaker doesn’t have a Bane cameo, but there’s no shortage of other contenders who could end up swinging by.