James Gunn Teases Peacemaker Coming To DC FanDome


The DCEU’s first episodic streaming series will arrive next January when Peacemaker premieres on HBO Max, with John Cena taking stage as the hilariously deadpan Christopher Smith, a man who will not only eat an entire beach made entirely of nothing but d*cks in the name of liberty, but he’ll kill as many men, women and children as necessary to attain it.

Two years ago, you’d have gotten a strange look if you told anyone that Cena would be the first franchise alumni to get his own solo show, but James Gunn was hit by a bout of creativity during the first Coronavirus-related lockdown, penned the entire eight-episode run in no time at all and saw it ordered straight to series. Naturally, he’d have been f*cked had Cena said he didn’t want to do it, but the fact the WWE star remained in costume for almost the entire press circuit, including the red carpet premiere, would indicate he’d never dream of turning it down.

We’ve only seen a couple of images from Peacemaker so far, but Gunn has now taken to social media and teased that we can expect much more from The Suicide Squad‘s surprising survivor when DC FanDome takes place on October 16th, which you can see below.

At the very least we’ll be getting the first full-length trailer, and Gunn hyping it online would indicate that he’ll also be dropping by the virtual event, so we can probably count Cena in as well. It’ll be interesting to see if the latter’s performance is enough to sustain an entire season of television when his role in The Suicide Squad may not have been quite as effective were we to get Peacemaker in larger doses, but it’d be foolish to doubt either Gunn or his leading man.