James Gunn shares BTS image from ‘Peacemaker’ opening dance

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What was the best thing about Peacemaker? Was it John Cena’s title character? Eagly? That Justice League scene? These are close runners-up, but the highlight of the whole show has to be its opening credits, which saw the assembled cast dance to Wig Wam’s “Do You Really Wanna Taste it?” The combination of the banger of a theme song and the easily imitable dance moves has made it one of the most iconic TV moments of the year.

Now, Peacemaker creator James Gunn has given us a little insight into how it all came together with a newly unveiled behind-the-scenes photo. The writer/director took to Twitter to share a shot of his monitor on the day the opening dance was filmed. Hilariously, it captures every member of the cast at a different stage of the choreography. “Perfectly in sync!” Gunn joked. Check out the pic via the tweet below:

DC has previously released a making-of featurette that explores how the opening sequence, which was hastily shot in a school gym, came together. Though it may look intentionally goofy, a lot of hard work went into the dance, as choreographed by Charissa Barton. So maybe we should cut the gang some slack for being a tad out of sync in Gunn’s BTS image.

With Peacemaker set to return for a second season, it’ll be interesting to see if Gunn elects to shoot a new version of the credits sequence. Something tells us he will, just to keep things fresh, but even if the dance is different, will they retain the same song? It’s hard to imagine another track being as much of an earworm as “Do You Wanna Taste it?”, but Gunn does have a knack for revitalizing underrated classics (see his Guardians of the Galaxy soundtracks).

If you really wanna taste Peacemaker, make a move extreme and stream all eight episodes now on HBO Max.

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