James Gunn teases more spinoffs from ‘The Suicide Squad’

In just a few short weeks, the DCEU’s official expansion into episodic storytelling begins when John Cena’s Peacemaker comes to streaming, and it’s unusual that a multi-billion dollar franchise with so many iconic characters at its disposal has opted for a cruel, crude and foul-mouthed antihero to headline its first show.

Not that it’s a bad thing, when Cena’s hilariously deadpan turn as Christopher Smith was one of The Suicide Squad‘s many highlights, and we can’t wait to see what his episodic adventures have in store, especially with James Gunn writing the entire series and directing the majority of the installments himself.

Despite scoring some of the best reviews in DCEU history, the effects of the pandemic and a simultaneous HBO Max release meant The Suicide Squad failed to even recoup the $185 million budget in theaters, but Gunn has teased on social media that more spinoffs could be on the way, as you can see below.

We can let the guessing games begin as to who could theoretically be next in line once Peacemaker is over, but unless the plan is to head down the prequel route, there aren’t many candidates to choose from given that Task Force X lived up to their name after the vast majority of the lineup failed to make it out of The Suicide Squad alive.